a girl likes a project

alright, so last Friday, I told you that I was missing the sunshiney part of my self (it’s been confirmed: my longest friend said that she did not hear the sunshine in my voice the last time we talked.  She’s been listening to me blabber for 30 years so she would know.).  The reality could be that it’s run it’s course, it’s just impossible to operate on that much sunshine when you have a kid under your care who is irrepressible in all ways– energy level, lack of need to sleep, etc– but I’ve decided that I am going to give relocating the sunshine a good college try.  So, I am creating a little personal sunshine project because I love me a good project.

I believe that the plan will look like this:  First, I’ll create a master Sunshine List.  What is a Sunshine List?  It’s things that do my spirit so much good that I can’t help but have a little tick up in the sunshine and energy factor.  Then I’ll decide how to incorporate items from the Sunshine List into my daily life and then make doing so a priority.   Over this weekend, I’ll officially design the project and let you know what it looks like come Monday (ala Jimmy Buffett.  Love that song- which actually brings me to an item that can go on my Sunshine List: singing songs that I love).  So, now, what I need from you, dear friends, are ideas for the Sunshine List.  What are things, experiences, moments that make your spirit dance and give you a physical boost?  We can totally keep a “master list” from blog readers here.  Ready, Set, Go…

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3 responses to “a girl likes a project”

  1. Polly Campbell

    Ahh, Rosie. Girl. I always connect with you and your writing. Last year, I needed to search for the sunshine in my life as well. Nothing big or bad happened, I just struggled to find a way through the little storms brought on by parenting and work changes and not enough sleep and not enough solitude and too much of everything else. I’m still working on it. But, what I found was that the things that helped me through inspired me and gave my work new focus which amped up my passion and definitely the sunshine in my life. But I also found, it was the simple things, the things that I used to love that got skipped over when my daughter was born , that I needed to build back in. An early morning walk, an REO Speedwagon song — and other 80s hits :), a good book, hours uninterrupted in a bookstore, and time at the ocean that help me reconnect with the light I had inside. Remember, it’s in there, even if it is dim sometimes.

  2. Brenda

    “Talking” to my girls everyday! And porch time…..reading a book I can’t put down, and laughing at silly things!!

  3. Steph

    Walking in grass, not on paths. Eating leisurely. Nap on the couch while watching an average movie. Ahhhhhhhhh.

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