The whole shebang!

So one of the very fun things that happened while I was at the beach was that my publisher sent me the whole book jacket to take a peek at and it’s just beautiful.  Supposedly, I can insert a pdf document onto this blog for you to see but I can’t figure it out so here’s the link for you to check it out if you are so inclined:  beautiful you full cover2

I sent the designer a big, effusive thank you note because, seriously, how great is that cover? 

I started working on the book trailer for Beautiful You and I think I am actually going to be able to figure out how to use Windows Movie Maker.  There’s still time to be a part of the trailer.  Here’s the information you need to become a video star! 

In other whole shebang news, I have now graduated up to having a presence on Twitter and Facebook.  Because I can barely put a phone number in my cell phone, this is astounding news.  But I am not going all hightech– my paper calendar and mechanical pencil are still keeping my days straight for me.

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