Woman to Woman

My friend and fellow writer, Patrice Gaines, teaches a monthly workshop at a jail in Charlotte.  Convinced that words have a healing power, Patrice has started a project called 30 Letters for 30 Sisters.  She is asking women of all ages and backgrounds to write a letter to a sister in prison and to send that letter to Patrice via email (brnangel50@bellsouth.net).  Her vision is to give each woman in her workshop a letter each time she goes for the monthly workshp (so please spread the word about this opportunity, too).  Won’t you sit down for a minute right now and craft a letter to another woman?  You can begin the letter Dear Sister or any way that suits you and sign off with just your first name (or no name at all), if you like.  Patrice asks for letters to be no longer than 2 pages but less than a page is just fine, too.  Mostly, Patrice just wants to offer these women encouragement and to let them know that someone has thought of them and that they are part of a larger community.  I just wrote a letter and included a quote that I really love that I thought would be encouraging right now for the recipient.  I hope you’ll take the time to write one, too, and send it Patrice’s way.  Thanks so much for considering!

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