Beach Post-Mortem

The annual trek to the beach has been completed.  And here is my question?  Why, oh why, is returning from vacation so, so stressful?  It doesn’t help that we returned on Sunday, so the hours we have to process mail, read seven days of newspaper, clean out email, do five loads of laundry, unpack, etc are just so, so few.  So, this today, will be a fast little wrap-up, let’s call it a beach post mortem, and then come Tuesday, we’ll return to our regularly programmed blogging.

 5 books read:  Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, The One that I Want, Red Hook Road, The Opposite of Love, and I Do Not Come to You By Chance.  All great reads.

1 camera preserved.  I did not destroy my parents’ camera while on vacation.  My parents will be the most impressed by this revelation because they know me as “the accident looking for a place to happen.” 

1,000 hives.  My arms and shoulders are covered in hives.  I have a predisposition for hives when heat and sun-exposed.  Totally forgot to pack the plethora of prescription of allergy medicine that I can take to battle them so the battle is beginning today.  If you run into me in the next few days and I seem catatonic, it is from the massive amounts of anti-histamine I am taking.

5,000 waves jumped.  When Happy first saw the ocean this time around, he cried.  An hour later, we were jumping waves.  He had just enough of a sense of fear not to plunge in without us, but enough of a sense of adventure to demand that we go in with him. 

1/4 an ice cream cone consumed.  Happy consumed the rest.  Literally took mine from me after finishing his (well, his cone came to an abrupt end with a drop) and gripped on with both hands so I could get nowhere near it. I love ice cream.  This was a grave miscarriage of justice. 

10.  The number of times we watched the beginning of Shrek today on the drive home.  My parents treated Happy (and us) to a travel DVD player for the long trip to the ocean and we put in Shrek.  Happy’s obsessed with Donkey and also with hitting buttons.  We restarted Shrek multiple times but only got to the end twice (which is a shame since there is nothing cuter than watching Happy sing I am a Believer at the end of Shrek). 

more soon…

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