Blurbs.  You’ve noticed them.  Maybe they’ve even inspired you to buy a book.  They are those quotes on the back of book jackets or inside flaps that tell you what other people– usually writers who maybe tackle the same sort of subjects– thought of the book. 

Well, the first two blurbs have arrived for Beautiful You and here they are: 

As I read Rosie Molinary’s Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance, I found myself marking the pages that contained body image wisdom that really resonated with me. Guess what? By the time the book was finished, I’d marked more than half the pages! Molinary has done a fabulous job of offering practical and doable advice to help women see — and appreciate — themselves in a whole new way, and to realize that a healthy body image is about so much more than what we think we see in the mirror. I’m giving this book my ultimate seal of approval — I’m handing it off to my 14-year-old daughter.   — Dara Chadwick, Author, You’d Be So Pretty If: Teaching Our Daughters to Love Their Bodies — Even When We Don’t Love Our Own

Women are sick of the same tired, stale body image advice. Don’t tell us to ‘Slick on some sexy red lipstick’ or ‘Spend a day at the spa’ – we need real, functional tips that can help us break out of a bad body image day. Rosie Molinary answers our call in Beautiful You.  Her ideas are inspired, creative, and totally doable, with many carrying a trickle-down effect to the younger generation of girls. With the first day of reading it, my copy was thoroughly dog-eared and I can’t wait to employ Tip #39 this January, when I ask my husband and best friend to write a body image-based New Year’s resolution for me.  – Leslie Goldman, Author, Locker Room Diaries: The Naked Truth About Women, Body Image, and Re-imagining the “Perfect” Body (Da Capo, 2007)

 How exciting!  I usually forget that I am figuratively ‘pregnant’ with this book and that it will soon be ‘due.’  And so little moments where my publisher emails me to say, “here’s a blurb” or my publicist says, “Let’s get your launch party scheduled” (could this be the literary equivalent of a baby shower?) seem almost surreal– as if I am talking about some other life that I am not living because the life I am living involves dirty diapers, a dog who acts like a diva, water loss (the water line went out last week.  We went two days without water.  Seems the decades old water lines are giving up on us), and other insanity.  But dates are starting to be scheduled (New York and Miami, here I come) and maybe soon it will feel more real.  If you are from around these parts, put October 9th in your calendar.  More information soon in hopes that you can come to my book baby shower (and because it’s me after all, there’s s fair chance that cupcakes will be involved).

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  1. Jenny

    CONGRATULATIONS ROSIE! These are wonderful blurbs! You should be so proud! 😀

  2. Ashley

    Congrats on your blurbs! Please, please make it down to Atlanta! I would love to come out to hear your read.

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