We are officially the place where digital cameras come to die. 

Yep, a third camera in as many months has bitten the dust.  This one at my own hands.  I don’t really want to talk about it. 

Anyway, the culprit of this rash of camera deaths is my photo a day project.  Last year, on Happy’s birthday, I had this idea to take a picture of him everyday between birthdays one and two (And then at the end, make a flip book like video of every picture.  This idea even though I know nothing about making a video. That’s the frustration waiting for me in August).  For a girl who knows nothing about technology (seriously, I think Excel spreadsheets are magic), this is way too much togetherness with a camera.  I try everyday to get some unique picture of Happy.  He’s in the wagon and I think, I’ve never taken a picture of him in the wagon and so I grab the camera, that does not fit in a pocket, and try to take a picture of him in the wagon (even though I need to be pulling, too, to keep him satisfied and even though pulling means we’re not still and so the photo doesn’t come out and so the game of getting today’s one shot goes on and on and on).  And then I am done with the camera and it gets put in some precarious place outdoors so we can finish kicking the ball or pulling the wagon or blowing bubbles or whatever and then, inevitably, I am in some hurry and the opportunity for something to happen to the camera is ripe. 

Granted, the first two camera deaths were not literally at my hands, but they were able to happen because the camera was around all the time, trying to capture that day’s shot. 

Yesterday, I was telling a friend about the picture a day project and she was like,  “Oh well, you got close.  You should be happy with that.”  Does she not know me at all?  No, that’s so not how it works.  Now, so close to year 2, I have to finish the picture a day project.  I mean I have tortured myself already for 320 days with this project.  I cannot just stop now, so close to the finish line.  For a couple days, I’ll have to figure out a way to get the picture (my cell phone camera?  The photos are low quality but they are photos nonetheless) and then my parents are letting me borrow their camera (although my mom said, “Don’t break this one, too” and I told her that at my rate, I couldn’t promise her anything but if these things do indeed happen in three, well, then we’re done) to get me to the end of the picture a day project.  Then the camera will come out only on special occassions.  Because I, apparently, can’t have nice things.

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3 responses to “Fallen”

  1. Yvette

    oh lord U are just keeping the camera ppl in business arent you..lol
    if U need help with making the video I can walk you threw most of it.. depending on what software you have..I have windows movie maker.. so start checking now..lol i made a short video with music of the 1st time I saw Luke walking 😀

  2. Suezette

    I just shot short clips of Pinnochio dancing last night, I mean JJ….Oh I need to get those up on UTube….

    Hmmm Ro-wonder if they make rubber cameras? Just sayin.

    I’m totally with you on having to finish out the project! You can’t give up now! Nooo….I won’t let you!!!!

  3. Yvette

    fyi.. they do have rubber slip on covers for cameras.. they arent cute but Miss Butterfingers wont care about that 😉

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