Stitch by Stitch

So, we (read: I) survived the stitches.  Happy needed 3 stitches smack dab in the middle of this forehead (just above his nasal bridge, a term, ironically, I had taught him a few weeks ago).  Because I was running into walls and weaving in and out as I tried to get in the car, BF would not allow me to go to the hospital (“We don’t need two patients there,” he wisely said).  So I waited in bed at home (the equivalent of my fainting couch?) for them to get home.  Happy did great– mad only when they swaddled him and 4 people pinned him down to the table for the doctor to do the stitches.  As soon as they were done, he hugged and kissed everyone at the hospital.  The stitches were in for five days and came out Monday (I was again not allowed in the hospital.  This time, though, I didn’t need my fainting couch to wait it out).  He had a day of steri-strips and is now bandage free and the scar’s not bad (this from a woman who is very ready to say, “THE SCAR IS BAD.  THE SCAR IS BAD.”).  In fact, the only aftereffect of the experience is that Happy has now discovered what bandages are and if he could wear one all the time, well, that would thrill him.  When we pass the bandage box, he grabs his forehead, in fact, to see if one is there.  We’re on the upswing, and that’s good news. 
On one final note, we’ve had one other “blood loss” with baby when I was home with him alone– a busted lip that bled and bled and bled and bled.  I never came close to fainting and it took at least 5 minutes to stop the bleed so I am ever hopeful that it was because BF was there that I went lightheaded (as in, because BF was there, I didn’t get the adrenaline rush that I was in it alone and had to solve the problem by myself right then which, thus, would have kept my already low blood pressure from dropping to the point of checking out).  What say you other parents?  Have you noticed a physical difference in your response to accidents with your kids when you are alone vs. when you aren’t alone?  I want to believe that if Happy and I had been home alone, I would have been able to not check out.  I need to believe that.  But is it possibly, really true?          
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6 responses to “Stitch by Stitch”

  1. Steph

    You know all those stories of mothers lifting cars off of their children? You can lift cars if that is what it takes! You would be fine alone–you’re inner mama-lion would have taken over!

  2. Nicole Anderson

    Poor little man! Looks cute, stitches and all!
    I tend to be more calm if someone else is with when an emergency. In order to remain calm I tend to let someone else take the lead, and just hold my baby. (it looks a little like deer in headlights actually;) Either that, or I freak out…totally freak out. There seems to be no medium with me. I too, have thought about what you have. Could I take care of this if I were alone? I think, yes! We knew that someone we know and love is also there caring for the child, and we trust them. If they weren’t there, I think we would spring into action:)

  3. Meg

    The scar will disappear. Promise.

  4. Meg

    Oh, and yes. No worries about the bad thing that happens when it’s just you. Just you will be plenty. I promise.

  5. Yvette

    AY!! i cant even look at those pix 🙁

    I I KNOW You will be fine and do what needs to be done when the kid hurts himself again..(bubble wrap and helmet.. just sayin)

    lol @ “not allowed to go”

  6. Jenny

    Yes! You will be able to take care of him the next time too – like Steph said. When Sam fell backwards on a corner our coffee table (a couple of months after we decided at age three it was safe to bring it back in!) I heard him scream a scream I had never heard before. I looked around for “mom” and realized, “OMG, I AM MOM!” But somehow I handled it perfectly! Guardian angel or adrenaline…it doesn’t matter…you will too. 🙂 I hope none of us have to prove this theory for a LOOONG time though!

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