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As if…

Years ago, I spotted a Maxine or Cathy cartoon where the main character (Cathy or Maxine) was slumped dramtically on the couch, perhaps there was something like chocolate just out of reach, and the caption read, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  I think I am Cathy. Or Maxine.  And I bet […]

Beach Bits

Beach Bits

  Ah, the beach.  Overall, it was a really great trip.  When Happy first saw the ocean this year (remember, he was an instant fan of the ocean last week and crawled right into crashing waves), he cried.  It took about an hour of playing in the sand with his back to the ocean before he was willing […]

The whole shebang!

So one of the very fun things that happened while I was at the beach was that my publisher sent me the whole book jacket to take a peek at and it’s just beautiful.  Supposedly, I can insert a pdf document onto this blog for you to see but I can’t figure it out so here’s […]

Woman to Woman

My friend and fellow writer, Patrice Gaines, teaches a monthly workshop at a jail in Charlotte.  Convinced that words have a healing power, Patrice has started a project called 30 Letters for 30 Sisters.  She is asking women of all ages and backgrounds to write a letter to a sister in prison and to send that […]

Beach Post-Mortem

The annual trek to the beach has been completed.  And here is my question?  Why, oh why, is returning from vacation so, so stressful?  It doesn’t help that we returned on Sunday, so the hours we have to process mail, read seven days of newspaper, clean out email, do five loads of laundry, unpack, etc […]



Blurbs.  You’ve noticed them.  Maybe they’ve even inspired you to buy a book.  They are those quotes on the back of book jackets or inside flaps that tell you what other people– usually writers who maybe tackle the same sort of subjects– thought of the book.  Well, the first two blurbs have arrived for Beautiful You and here they are:  As […]

First, do no harm

I was asked recently what I thought the best body-loving advice was.  Doesn’t this person know me at all, I thought.  I can’t boil it down to just one soundbite. And then I did. First, do no harm.  Just for today, I want us all to imbed this mantra in our head.  First, do no […]


We are officially the place where digital cameras come to die.  Yep, a third camera in as many months has bitten the dust.  This one at my own hands.  I don’t really want to talk about it.  Anyway, the culprit of this rash of camera deaths is my photo a day project.  Last year, on […]

Day 1

Stitch by Stitch

So, we (read: I) survived the stitches.  Happy needed 3 stitches smack dab in the middle of this forehead (just above his nasal bridge, a term, ironically, I had taught him a few weeks ago).  Because I was running into walls and weaving in and out as I tried to get in the car, BF would not allow me […]


Noticing Anna

For several years, I was a pretty devoted road cyclist.  My dad had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of lymphoma and all the waiting, watching, and wondering became too much in the midst of his treatment process.  I got on my bike in the hopes that completing a couple century rides with the Leukemia and Lymphoma […]