Things that are missing

There are several things missing these days. 

I am holding one person responsible. 

Said Responsible Person

There’s a little pink pig that oinks when you put him in the back of his farmer’s tractor MIA. 

There is a cordless phone, one of just two phones in our house, MIA.

There is a grey hooded sweatshirt, mommy’s favortie hoodie, MIA.

There are countless water bottle tops (you know the ones that go on the top of aluminum, refillable water bottles) MIA.   

I could get on my belly and slide through the house trying to find each missing item but that just seems like way too much of a commitment for this tired mom.  So, instead, I’m looking forward to the wonderful surprise of finding these things in very random places in the coming weeks.  Hopefully, I do not find them by sitting on them because the only one comfortable enough to sit on is the hoodie.

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3 responses to “Things that are missing”

  1. Suezette

    At least the floor vents are nailed down!!! LOL!

  2. Brenda

    YOu took my answer, Suez!!!! ROFL Although that’d be the #1 place to look!

  3. BF

    That hurts, low blow…atleast our air ducts are in good shape.

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