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By Wednesday at 5 pm (and hopefully well before  5pm), I will have finished the final proofread of Beautiful You’s 432 pages.  I then sent it back to my editor who gets the final edits in and then the book is off to the printing press.  I wish I could see that part of the process.  I just know that somewhere between final proofreads and October 5th, the book gets printed and shipped everywhere.  How that happens?  Well, it’s like magic right now in my mind.

In the meantime, I am working on preparing press items for the book’s release.  Just last week, I wrote 3 different tip sheets from the book (these get included in press kits and can be stand alone stories) and a Q&A.   Soon, I’ll be organizing blog tours, making book trailers, booking events, and updating the website/ blog.  You’ll see some tweaks around here as I go and I hope to have all those things done by early to mid-September.  Since I have many more pages to revisit before 5 pm on Wednesday, I’ll make today’s entry short and just wrap up with one of the questions from the Q&A.   

  •     What is radical self-acceptance? 

For me, it’s the notion that I am not fundamentally wrong because of my history or physical body.  It’s the realization that I am fundamentally right because I exist, I am and what I am is neither my history nor my body.  It’s the choice to recognize my humanity just as I recognize and respect the humanity of others. 

What does radical self-acceptance mean to you?

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