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I went on a little trip last week and piled the things I needed for departure day on the bed.  Then I looked at them.  Geez, do you think I am partial to colors in the teal, aqua, peacock family? 


This is not a newsflash to me.  I just didn’t realize that I was making it so apparent to other people. 

When I got back home, Happy helped me unpack my suitcase.  For months, I’ve been in awe of Happy’s crazy photographic memory.  One night we went to dinner at a place that we never go by in our normal day to day existence and about 7 miles from our house.  Weeks later, I needed to drive by that restaurant in order to drop something off at a friend’s.  Happy was in the back seat and when we drove by the restaurant (which was on the opposite side of the car as Happy), Happy screamed, “eat.”  Dude, we’ve been there once.  Weeks ago.  And here is the latest example of Happy’s crazy memory.  I never do my hair.  Seriously, I got my hair straightened because of my lack of hair doing.  When I “do” my hair during the week, it’s at the gym while Happy is being cared for in their child watch program.  I cannot recall the last time that Happy MIGHT have seen me do my hair.  So imagine my surprise when Happy yanked my flat iron out of my luggage (which I packed but did not use while on vacation), held it up to his head, and said, “OW.”  The sound effects?  All him. 

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