Happy Father's Day, BF

As this post goes live, I am somewhere else for a couple days without BF or Happy.  I can do this, go somewhere else for a couple days, because of BF.  When it comes to husbands, I did pretty well.  When it comes to fathers, well, Happy won the daddy lottery, and I won the partner lottery.  From day one, BF has been an equal parent in our parenting venture.  We both put the brakes on our careers for months after we returned home from Ethiopia with Happy so that Happy could become the confident, self-assured, attached little boy that he is today. 

When we could go back to work, we split the day, each of us working 1/2 a day and hanging with Happy half the day.  When BF took a new job in November and I made the choice to dial back my work in order for Happy to primarily be with me instead of a different caretaker, he made a commitment to still do a lot to help parent Happy and that means that he gets Happy up, dressed, ready (you’ve seen those curls, they take mad time and skill and BF is the keeper of those curls), and fed every morning before he leaves for work (while I sit at my desk frantically trying to scratch things off the list before the day starts so that other people aren’t forever waiting for me for information, assignments, etc).  He also comes home most days for lunch to eat with us and put Happy down for his nap.  And he bathes and puts Happy down most nights.  On top of that, he wakes up with Happy every Saturday and Sunday morning so that I can lay in bed for ten more minutes and bemoan how hard it is to wake up at the crack everyday.  And he’s funny and sweet and comes home with cupcakes that he now knows not to eat without asking (if he’s purporting that said cupcakes are a gift to me).  Happy and I have landed in the honey pot with BF and, for that, we are ever thankful.  Happy Father’s Day, BF.

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3 responses to “Happy Father's Day, BF”

  1. Jennifer Kramer

    I think you both won the partner lottery and that everyone in that house is blessed to be together! I consider myself blessed to be a friend to all of you! Can’t wait to get our boys together again!

  2. Brenda

    You brought tears to my eyes!! You and BF are so lucky to have found each other and now Happy is part of the great family unit that you ALL are!!

  3. ashley Persons Hibbitts

    Wow, that was beautiful Rosie! What a blessed family! You did win the lottery girl 🙂

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