Swim? Fail.

9 months old and fearless in the water

Last week, I was talking to BF about what Happy and I were going to do the next afternoon.

“It’s getting too hot to go to the park in the afternoon,” I observed.  We had done a few afternoons in the baby pool where the kid is a wild man so I was thinking about the possibility of hitting a friend’s pool who said we could use it any time during the day.  But I was hesitant. 

“I’m not sure that I am prepared to go to the pool by myself with Happy yet.” 

“Why’s that?”  BF asked.

“Because while I am taking off my t-shirt, he’s going to be throwing himself in the pool.  Do you remember this kid at the beach last year?  I just think this kid needs two chaperones near water.”    

So instead of the pool, I opt for safer ground.  The splash garden.  I figure that I can handle that with Happy.  And then we get there.  And this is what Happy does.   

So, all of a sudden, I have the kid who won’t barge in, who is paralyzed by the new water experience.  Funny how as we get older and wiser, fear rises up.  Even for a 21 month old. 

The next day,  I opt for the pool with a girlfriend who is game to help me chaperone.  And what does Happy do?  Sit me on the steps and climb on my lap so we dabble in the water for the day. 

I’ve not given up.  We’ll try, try again all summer long.  But for now, it looks like one chaperone will be just fine.

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4 responses to “Swim? Fail.”

  1. swimventure

    Its true that fear rises with age. Well babies love water. And I love water too.

  2. Suezette

    Awwwwww. he’ll get in there when he’s good and ready!!!! Or when it’s too hot to stand on the side anymore!!!!

  3. yvette

    pools and splash parks are not the beach.. it just looks different to him.. try getting a little kiddie pool for the yard.. OR wal-mart has this beach ball sprinkler thing.. Looks fun..lmao kinda wish i was a kid again 😉

  4. Jillian

    I am so scared to take all 5 to the pool since NONE of them know how to swim! I am trying to arrange special needs swim class/private lesson on base *Cross fingers*
    Bless his little heart standing there watching them…love the idea of a “splash garden!”

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