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We had the wonderful good fortune a few weeks ago to wake up to a message from some of our favorite people, The Andersons.  Jillian and Ashley adopted their boys at the same time we adopted Happy (the boys were at the same carehouse when we arrived in Ethiopia) and we stayed together at a guest house in Ethiopia.  They live on the coast of North Carolina so we were able to see them last summer when we went to the beach and, just two weeks ago, they were traveling through our area and had time for an afternoon meet-up.  BF had to work, but Happy and I loaded up in “Mommy’s kah” and drove to the big city for some Ethiopian fare (yum!).  We were able to see the six members of the Anderson families that we know and love and meet the newest member of the Anderson crew, baby Kaleia, who now is part of that know and love contingency.  Being with the Andersons is always so touching and just fills my well.  Here’s a shot of the big kids post Tibs Wat. 

Earlier this week, we enjoyed a playdate with two families who also adopted baby boys from Ethiopia last year.  It was the first time Ihad met them and the three boys are close in age so it was fun to get them together and I am hopeful that we can continue to do that. 

We’re starting to think a lot about Happy’s second birthday and how we might celebrate it– not just from a party perspective but in other ways, too.  I know we’ll donate to an organization doing good work in Ethiopia.  I know we’ll have some sort of party sans presents.  But I am also thinking about things we’ll do on his actual birthday- a special birthday breakfast, a surprise first thing in the morning, an outing to a place Happy loves, a tribute to Happy’s biological parents, etc.  What are birthday memories you have from childhood?  What are ideas you’ve heard or seen and loved?  When you think about tributes, what comes to mind?  You all always have the best ideas– I can’t wait to hear them!

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