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Milk Money

Milk Money

So, I have not one lick of three-dimensional creativity.  My brother, sister, and I ended up with fairly disparate talents as it turns out.  My brother is the athlete and strategic mind (he’s a coach now!).  I’m the writer and teacher.  And my sister?  She’s the crafty one.   She has the cutest little cap shop […]

More Medley of the camera and vegetable variety

More Medley of the camera and vegetable variety

So I got a camera finally!  I went for the Nikon CoolPix L110.  I am still a rookie on it but learning how to use it slowly and not so surely it.  The great part of the camera buying experience is that I get 6 free camera classes with the purchase (this is exciting also […]

a medley

a medley

So today’s post is sort of like a summer barbeque.  There’s a little bit of everything on the table.  Nugget # 1:  Sometimes, in photos like these, I look at him and think, “how did he get so big and where was I when it happened?”  The baby in him is disappearing.  He’s becoming a […]


Driving the car                 through the local township- that bitch of a machine- she catches a glimpse                 of her beauty starved face in that dingy rearview- its moods dictating                 when it might                                                 fall                                                      down. A red Alfa Romeo                 flies by, waif with a Virginia Slim at the wheel, “Funny […]

Isn't she lovely?  Beautiful You shows her face.

Isn't she lovely? Beautiful You shows her face.

There are various moments when a book becomes real to her writer.  There is the moment when a publisher says, “yes, that’s brilliant.  I must have it” and you go to contract (Okay, maybe I am embellishing a bit there but just work with me).  There is the moment when you pound out the last word […]

What I'm Reading

Here is what I have cracked open now: Rough Justice by Peter Elkind The Adonis Complex by Harrison Pope, Katharine Phillips, and Roberto Olivardia Here is what I should have open (these were in this same spot last time): The World Has Curves by Julia Savacool Bodies by Susie Orbach (I am rewriting my body image […]

One of my rules

The other day, I was telling a friend a story.  I said something along the lines of, “And I wasn’t going to engage because one of my rules is Don’t Engage Crazy.  You often can’t ignore crazy (because, let’s face it, the reason the person gets crazy is so that they are not ignored.) but […]