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  1. suezette

    EEEEEEEEK!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! Even though I’m sitting here laughing…I’m freaking out!!! Snakes belong out in the desert. A desert where NO babies or baby cribs reside! Thank GOD for neighbor Carly! I’m cracking up even harder that BF wasn’t even IN the house! Ba ba raaaa baaaa ba ba raaaa. Ba ba raaaa baaaa ba ba raaa raaa raaaaa! lmao.

  2. Mika

    *applauding Carly for not hurting the snake*

    So many people kill those black snakes and they are harmless. So not nice. Great job Carly!

  3. Brenda

    If BF doesn’t stick to the pact, I’ll come to NC and kick some butt!!!! ROFL

  4. Jillian

    FREAKING OUT FOR YOU!!! You are SO allowed to do the ‘Phobe run’ for that!!!!!!

    When we had a “garden snake” in our yard my mom called up a “Carly” living down the street and she came right over and scooped it out of the yard and wrapped it around her wrist and drove it home to her house and released it….we all need a “Carly” in our life!!

  5. rosiemolinary

    Mika, yeah, black snakes have a free pass around here! I can’t even kill a bug around here– they all have to be escorted outside.

    Jillian, you are so right. We all do need a Carly in our lives. But here’s the deal. Mine cannot move. If people want to share my Carly, you have to move here!

    I had to put on shoes every time I went to baby’s room last night in the middle of the night. Just couldn’t bare to walk the house barefoot!

  6. Jenny

    ROSIE! OMG!! Carly is the BOMB!!!

    Hey, how old were we at the lake that time when we got ourselves trapped on the dock by those water moccasins? 10ish? As I recall we said, and I quote, “Calm. Cool. Collected. And READY TO RUN!” That still gives me the shivers! 🙂

  7. rosiemolinary

    I think we were 10ish, Jenny! And let me tell you, I was far more calm, cool, and collected at 10 then I am at 35.

  8. Yvette

    Oh My God!!! I would have freaked out!! yep the Phoebe run would have been my style 2..lol

    Glad it all turned out ok.. and yes Carly can never move.. if she does Id move with her if I was U rosie 😉

    Carly Rocks!

  9. jen

    I gotta be honest, I’ve not met a lot of people willing to hold snakes especially women. Carly is awesome, I would have been scared out of my mind. I wear shoes for weeks if we find a live bug in our house. So, I agree, you can never move unless Carly does. Cupcakes and snakes, you must be in love!

  10. Ashley

    Funny (and true) story – One summer, I was about 10 years old living in Charlotte (near Carowinds – I’m sure you’re familiar) and I came inside for a minute to use the bathroom. I was in our half bath under the stairs when a baby black snake (probably the same species, I’m not sure) wriggled out from underneath the bathmat and I. flipped. out. I ran outside and had my Dad trap it in a bag and set it free in the backyard.

    You’re not the only one. 🙂

  11. bob

    I rescued a black rat snake from a Sam’s parking lot last Wednesday. I asked for a bag from a Sam’s employee and she brought me a plastic super thin bag. The snake was pushing against the bag and I thought he would suffocate himself. So I put a small hole in it and put it in my trunk. When I got home he was gone. Finally today he crawled out from under the dashboard, I caught him and put him in a pillow case, took him home and had my son come over to take pictures before I released him

    1. rosiemolinary

      Bob, Stop it! Were you driving when he crawled out from under the dashboard? Oh my. I might have to drive with my feet up frow now on– but that would be awfully hard, wouldn’t it?

  12. Heather

    I am so the type that would’ve done the Phoebe run….rofl….my little girl almost stepped on one by accident in the back yard yesterday while playing in the sprinkler, and I was doing research on them because of my own fears…when I came accrossed your post…I so wish I could be like your Carly…but I’m too petrified of them…we’re in NC as well, I so scared of the day one of my 3 or 5 year old boy try to bring one in the house…I will have no idea what to do…I so need a neighbor like this!!!

  13. rosiemolinary

    Oh no, Heather. I can’t believe your daughter almost stepped on one. She might have to start running through the sprinkler in Crocs to keep her toes safe! Yeah, I’m hoping our little boy isn’t a snake collector. If he is, he’ll have to do it at Carly’s house.

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  15. Emma

    Just found your post and I thought it was great 🙂 I can see the BF cowering in the bushes, we keep snakes and I went downstairs to find one was out and having a little wander, if it had been wild I can’t say I’d have been so calm thats a great story our rat snake is about 6 feet they do grow to a good size I can imagine finding that under the babies bed would give you a shock xxx

  16. Kevin Graves

    I’m sorry but there would have been another one of equal length right beside me if I saw that.

  17. mandy myers

    On Easter Sunday I encountered a SNAKE in my washroom.A few weeks prior to that my husband said he saw the exact snake outside on the back porch,he went to remove it well it crawled up between the door frame and the brick on our little closet that houses the ht water heater.W e never saw in until Easter Sunday,it was behind my washing machine,the top of it’s head was looking right at me.All i could do was get the pets and kids outside.I called my husband in tears,casue i’m very afraid of snakes.He caught and killed it thank God .i know it was a RAT SNAKE but still a good snake is a dead snake.My only concern is how it could’ve gotten in the house,any suggestions.

  18. mandy myers

    the only other place i think it may have came in at was thru the dryer vent outside ,i really don’t know.i’m always on the look out when i go in there.hopefully this will be first and last time.I’ve lived in this house for 5 yrs. only snake we’ve seen .

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