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  1. Jillian

    Looks good! Interesting treatment process-what I did to str8n mine in high school was much different and probably much harsher on my hair. Keep us posted!

  2. fightingwindmills

    I hope you are pleased with the results! I am getting a haircut tomorrow. I never “do” my hair either. I don’t even look in the mirror before I leave the house so it’s often a ratty mess. But I still like my curls.

  3. Joanne

    Wow – your hair looks so shiny and beautiful!

    As a fellow curly girl, I’ve been toying with the idea of some sort of straightening – my hairdresser’s been telling me about Japanese straight or a Brazilian straight, which I’m considering. But, they’re expensive and I’m afraid that in 4 months my hair will be both curly again anyway and breaking due to the chemicals.

    How’s your hair looking today? Do you like it? What finally made you do it? My hair is much more tightly curled than yours, but I’m running out of patience. 🙁

    1. rosiemolinary

      Hey Joanne!

      So, the Brailizan straightening is what I did which is organic (from a plant product) and not harsh. I wouldn’t have been willing to do something harsher and so knowing that this more gentle option was available was helpful in my decision. My hair dresser says this will last 3-5 months depending on how often I wash it (everyday washers see their curls come back in 3 months, a few times a week washers see their curls come back in 5). She did it to her hair and her curls are back but without frizz and not quite as tight as they were before– she’s happy with them and they look good.

      I finally decided to do it because it honestly doesn’t look good right now curly– I am not sure what was going on with it; my sense is hormoes. And while I don’t have much time to get ready right now with the toddler, I do still need to look presentable a few times a week for different things and I wasn’t looking presentable or professional. I have no hair skill whatsoever so it seemed like this might be the best solution for a woman without brush skills or time. We’ll see how that works out over time.

      Today is the first day that I can wash it so I am doing that in just a bit. I’ll give you a report on how it looks when it dries soon!

      Let me know what you decide!

      1. Joanne

        Hi Rosie!
        Thanks for the reply. How cool! Funny thing is – first the hairdresser and I discussed Japanese – but I’m sooo reluctant to put harsh chemicals in. Got convinced to do anti-curl about 7 years ago and I like for about a year until I had to chop 8 inches off because it was breaking so bad.

        She mentioned the Brazilian, but she’d only had the product for about 1 day and hadn’t done it on anyone yet. So, she asked for some time to test it out. Maybe I’ll go check in with her and try it. Except my hair is sooo thick, you think it will work? Is your hair thick?

      2. rosiemolinary


        In terms of thickness, my hair isn’t as thick as it used to be (again, aging and hormone changes, I think) but my hairdresser’s hair is crazy thick and she also did it on her co-worker whose hair is crazy thick and it worked well on both of them.

        What I wasn’t prepared for after the first wash was the crazy, pin straightness. I let it air dry yesterday and it just sorta hangs down limply straight. I definitely need to style it, I think, to get the best look out of it. I’ll keep you posted!

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