Spring traditions

With Easter approaching, I am ever cognizant of what traditions we might begin in our family.  BF is wickedly practical and absolutely not sentimental and he would like not to start any traditions until Happy knows that “hey, a tradition is being started and this is a holiday, son”– so when he’s five or twenty or so.  I am fairly practical but not THAT practical and can totally be sentimental (sweater that I wore the day we met baby?  In a little storage box for safekeeping.) and  would love to go ahead and start doings things with Happy in the next year or so for holdiays.  But the question is what exactly? I think because we were immigrants and new to America and all, we didn’t go all out with holiday celebrations– we celebrated them in church and religiously at home and the end.  So, here is my question to you- because you all are diverse and interesting and I know have brilliant, creative ideas – how did your family celebrate spring and Easter?  Did you do something for the first day of spring?  Did you do Easter egg hunts?  Did your parents hide your Easter baskets?  What was in your baskets?  When did you dye your Easter eggs?  Did you do anything on May Day?  What do you do now to welcome Spring or celebrate Easter or Passover?

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2 responses to “Spring traditions”

  1. Meg

    Traditions are fun. We liked to fool the fire out of our boys on April Fools Day–always harmless and usually fun for them and us. But fooled they were. On Easter, the Bunny loaded up their baskets but hid them very well; sometimes too well. After many warmer-colder-cool-warm-chilly-warmer clues, we sometimes just gave up. Dying eggs was not ceremonial, but when it we could get it together, it became an exercise in family creativity. I miss that. Regardless, I would start whenever you feel like it; it’s not just for Baby. It’s for Family.

  2. MK

    Easter Bunny Cake! My mom still makes it…It’s white cake with white icing and coconut sprinkled on it. She did one round cake and then another cake that she cut to look like ears and a bow tie. Then my brother and I got to decorate it with jelly beans and licorice. It was always more fun than dying eggs- which we did too- and I know we will continue that tradition with Nolan.

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