Put Your Records On

Three months into always going to the YMCA for my workouts and I gots to tell you, my playlists are tired.  TIRED.  Or maybe I am tired (of them).  Anyway, I need some fresh tunes.  What songs get you moving?  Help a sister out.  I need some new motivation come Monday morning on that treadmill and elliptical (and I like just about anything).

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5 responses to “Put Your Records On”

  1. Stephanie Mitchell Schechter

    DJ Earworm has free downloads of his mashups–they are all about 3-5 minutes long and have great beats.


    Keep going!!

  2. Jillian

    I love listening to Isreal and the New Breed LIVE from Africa…

  3. Jenny

    Ooo – DJ Earworm – never heard of it! I’m a big White Stripes fan when it comes to working out. 😀

  4. Isha

    Try “Go Baby” by Lupe Fiasco and “The Way I Are” by Timbaland.

  5. Erin Lederer

    “So What” – Pink
    “Let it Rock – Lil’ Wayne and Kevin Rudolf
    “Bad Romance” – Lady GaGa
    “Highway to Hell” – AC/DC
    “C’est La Vie” – Bob Seger (personal favorite)

    …Just to name a few.

    I have loads more I can e-mail you! I switch up my workout mix about as much as my underwear. Mainly because I simply have no motivation without rockin’ tunes.

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