2 responses to “Rising to the occassion”

  1. Jennifer M

    Wild child. 🙂 As long as my child wasn’t one of those who always had to be in motion, the kind that would exhaust me just by watching, the kind that zips hither and yon, to and fro, the kind that bounces and jumps and skips all while singing loudly and off key, I’d be ok. [insert laughter here] But somehow through amazing grace, I’ve been given the energy (or something) to just barely keep up each day. Not every day. But most.

    Great post, realization, and question!

  2. Jenny

    Rosie I am so proud of you! The magic of motherhood is proven here. Guys, she’s not kidding, she is SUCH a medical fainter. 🙂 And a diagonal sleeper. How do you & BF sleep together, by the way? Do you make an X or Y in the bed?

    The first time Sam bled (his head hit the corner of the coffee table and made a gash…after we had decided at age 4 we could bring the coffee table back in), I clearly remember thinking, where’s mom? Then I realized I’M MOM!!!! OH NO!!! 😉 But, yeah, you handle it somehow. God blesses mommies with special powers.

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