a little bit o' goodness

It snowed.  The baby threw up 8 times in 2 hours.  Lola couldn’t go outside and vasicallated between wanting to be between my legs while I was holding the sick baby and wanting to eat what the baby was throwing up.  Yeah, that sickness in your stomach?  Multiply it by the whole fierceness of it being your life.  Between us, we went through nine or so outfits in 2 hours.  Which means lots of laundry to add insult to injury.  So, right now, at the computer, I just want a little goodness. 

So, here you go, some goodness from the last few days because this is the medicine I am prescribing for all of us. 

Now, if only there were some Thin Mints left around this piece.  That would be the final good medicine that I’d prescribe.

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4 responses to “a little bit o' goodness”

  1. Jillian

    🙁 Hope little man is feeling better! Love the pics!

  2. Yvette

    Thankx I needed a fix 😀

    I hope the baby face is feeling better soon

  3. Meg

    Excellent goodness. Remind me to tell you about the ONE time I came home after a Swedish Aquavit party (we are basically talking vodka) and really needed simply to sleep. “Mama…,” a little warm spit-up breath blowing into my face….

  4. nicole Anderson

    Poor little guy. Hope he is feeling better.

    That cute smile, sure is goodness!

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