Going the distance in just 4 days!

In just 4 days, I’ll run a 5k with 13 seventh and eight grade girls (as well as 20 other women and men who have decided to join the journey) as a celebration of raising important programming funds for Circle de Luz.  Launched in 2008, Circle de Luz radically empowers young Latinas by supporting and inspiriting them in the pursuit of their possibilities through extensive mentoring, programming, and scholarship funds for further education.  We see the girls several times each month from seventh grade until high school graduation and then we reward them with a minimum of a $5,000 scholarship when they graduate from high school and pursue further education. 

As of today, we’ve raised $4836, and I’ve raised $675.  But our collective goal is $6,000, and my personal goal is $1000.  If you would like to help us go the distance for Circle de Luz, visit my fundraising page or mail a check made out to Circle de Luz to PO Box 2, Davidson, NC 28036 with my name and run in the memo line.  Any amount is so helpful and appreciated!  Circle de Luz is a non-profit organization and you will receive a formal thank you note for your tax-deductible donation.   

Thanks so much for your consideration!

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