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Put Your Records On

Three months into always going to the YMCA for my workouts and I gots to tell you, my playlists are tired.  TIRED.  Or maybe I am tired (of them).  Anyway, I need some fresh tunes.  What songs get you moving?  Help a sister out.  I need some new motivation come Monday morning on that treadmill and elliptical […]

A Beautiful You signature

One of the things I talk about in Beautiful You is the simple joy and confidence that can be found in having a signature piece of jewelry.  A signature piece doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be expressive of who you are or where you are, a remind of what you want to […]


So, I’ve been doing some editing of blogs and web-sites.  The pages of this blog have been updated to include information on Beautiful You and my latest events and the pages of my separate web-site have been updated so feel free to go survey the scene.  In other news, I am on Twitter (@rosiemolinary) so come […]

The difference a good hair day makes

So, you know that I have been considering straightening my hair.  You guys gave me lots of much needed encouragement and so I called my hairdresser and said, “Alright, I am thinking about it.  What do you have available before you move?”  Well, it turns out that what she had available was an appointment the […]

Unhappy and the awful, no good, very bad, terrible day

Unhappy and the awful, no good, very bad, terrible day

So, I totally meant to be funny with that Dear Town Resident post. I swear it wasn’t an SOS, just seeing the humor in what is the theatre of absurd that is our life.  And if that wasn’t funny enough, catch how our day went down today:    As an aside, the crud has been diagnosed […]

Note the bare feet

back away from the baby's feet

Dear Neighbor Town Resident (it was not my neighbors, I promise), I know our baby’s cute.  I understand from what you said that you have a thing for baby’s feet.  I get it.  But, seriously, you don’t really know us and taking his socks and shoes off while he sits in his stroller and coos […]