Random Bits

With snack all over his face, a chair to climb, and a sunny day, life doesn't get better.

Last week, I told BF that I felt like we were parenting triplets.  I was referring to Happy’s frenetic energy level.  We GO, GO, GO always.  Anyway, BF looked at me and said, “Why?  Because of his multiple personas.  There’s the sweet, happy boy, the naughty, test you boy, and the super energetic boy.” 

Also last week, Happy and I went on a playdate with two little boys who are about a year old than he is.  When we were leaving the house to go, he took a tumble down the two little steps that lead out our door.  His nose came out pretty banged up as were his feelings because he LOVES stairs.  We recovered (both of us) and went on to play.  Well, wouldn’t you know that instead of ignoring the staircase in the house where we were playing or being scared of the steps because of his tumble, Happy couldn’t get enough of them.  Finally, after climb 49,000, I recovered him to bring him back to the living room to play with the other little boys.  He was livid and dashed back to the stairs.  We did this a couple more times.  I’d retrieve him, he’d holler and buck and run right back.  Finally, I grabbed a snack to redirect his energies and retrieved him from the stairs.  He relented but was so mad at me, he wouldn’t let me open the snack for him.  He yanked it away from me and tried desperately to open it himself.  When I leaned in to intervene, he ran to one of the other moms, signing for her to help him.  I nodded that she could and then, food in hand, he went and sat far from me and eyed me as he ate every bite.  I neared him to get a couple bites for the other boys to have.  Happy backed away from me, giving me the stink eye the whole time.  He was having no part of me.  Can you imagine what will happen when he turns 13?

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  1. suezette

    Awwwww….the ol stink eye!!!! Oh 13 will be such fun!

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