Seriously, what's your word?

Come on. Play along.  I have goodies for you and a deep desire to know your word.  Ready to share your word?  Go here. 

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4 responses to “Seriously, what's your word?”

  1. Jenny

    RELAX. Although my acquaintances likely take me for a happy-go-lucky girl, my good friends and close family understand that I have a VERY hard time relaxing. Guys, I have trouble relaxing during full-body massages and yoga class. I’ve been told that it’s the result of my mind’s chemistry, and I’m sure that’s right…but sometimes I find brief moments where I’m truly present, happy, and RELAXED, and the whole world looks different. I can feel my body buzzing with life, see the beautiful colors around me, and notice and appreciate the wonderful life I’ve made for myself. If in 2010 I could have more of these moments…and turn them into minutes…and go from there…how great that would be.

    1. rosiemolinary

      That’s just beautifully expressed.

      You are beautiful and sweet and smart and loved- R

  2. Laura

    Presence. In a year where I sense there will be lots of opportunities to worry about what is to come, I want to be able to truly soak up the moments as they come to me without anxiety about the next step. I can be so bad about enjoying what I have while I have it, and I want to focus on allowing myself to enjoy each piece of life as it comes.

  3. Holly

    I can relate, Laura!

    My word this year is Resilience. I have a lot of change coming up this year that should bring me to a wonderful place in life for 2011 but first I have to make it through 2010. This year I am trusting that my past experiences, personal strength, and supportive friends will get me through the in-between time with grace and hopefully that I will learn to be a stronger, more resilient woman for having gone through the experiences and changes ahead.

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