Corn and Happy

From the beginning, Happy Candelas had a love affair with corn.  Corn never had to prove itself to Happy the way that Sweet Potatoes did. 

Baby has gobbled up baby food with corn in it and corn niblets like it is nobody’s business. 

The other day, we had corn on the cob with our dinner and we dutifully cut corn off the cob for baby to have some.  He ate his corn niblets but kept making wild gestures at us. 

“Do you want some water?”  I asked Happy.  He pushed the water bottle away and kept gesturing.

“Do you want some more rice?”  I asked Happy.  He swatted my fork away and kept gesturing. 

When I took a bite of my corn on the cob, he went nuts. 

“Do you want a corn corb, Happy?”  Why, yes, he did. 

So I handed over my corn cob.  But one was not enough.  BF handed over his corn cob but baby saw that there was still one more corn cob on the table.  He called for it, too. 

Only when he had commandeered all the available corn could he happily enjoy it.

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  1. Mika

    Charlie is the same with the cob. Cob-crazy. LURVES it!

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