Snapshots from the Edge 2


Yes, I have an opinion.

 We went to see our first movie of the year this past weekend:  The Blind Side.  It was fabulous.  Seriously, get thee to the theatre.  And kudos to my mamacita who kept her three grandchildren who are 1, 2, and 3 while the rest of the adults in the family went to the movies.  That is seriously strong.  I’ve been calling baby “Candelas” for a few weeks which is a Puerto Rican term for fireball- because, seriously, he so is.  My niece and nephew have taken to calling baby “happy” because he is mostly that, too, so all Thanksgiving, we called him Happy Candelas.  Except for, later, my sister forgot that Candelas was the nickname, and she started calling baby “Happy Caliente (hot)”  which totally made me laugh. 

At one point this weekend, my niece, who could also be called Candelas, and baby got into it.  When my mom was babysitting the three, she gave my niece a cracker before giving Happy Candelas one.  Well, Happy Candelas loves a good cracker and so he went over to my niece and yanked hers from her hand.  “No, Happy!” She screamed.  And baby screamed right back at her which is so not what her brother ever does and so my niece wasn’t sure what to do with that.  Mamacita said that my niece and Happy Candelas just kept looking at each other shrieking back forth until my niece looked at my mom and said, “I want my mom!”   I completely understand.  Sometimes, when Happy Candelas and I are going round and round, I want my mom, too.

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  1. Brenda

    ROFL….mamacita so should’ve caught that action on film!!! Those 2 butting heads must’ve been something! And in baby’s defense, he’s not use to sharing, right??? LOL

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