appreciating the little things

I thought it was a good time to focus my eye on appreciating some of the little pleasures in my life… hope you’ll add your pleasures to my list.

  • sleeping more (who am I kidding, that’s not a little pleasure at all.  It’s huge!)
  • the brilliant red, bright yellow, and blazing gold of the fall leaves.  In the field across the street, the dropping oak leaves make it look like it is raining gold.
  • It’s soup season, and I had a bowl of it almost everyday this week. 
  • Fabulous weather: perfect light, perfect temps, give me more. 
  • a weekend day of doing nothing.  Love it when no one expects me to be anywhere at any particular time, and I don’t have to work and anything that gets done is gravy. 
  • a little boy who just cracks me up.  all day long (and a big boy who does, too).   
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One response to “appreciating the little things”

  1. Adopting1Soon

    Sounds a lot like my gratitude list lately. This weather is freaking gorgeous. And so’s my little girl 😉

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