What are your self-esteem boosting tips?

So, I am in the midst of book 2, writing 5-10 pages every week day on boosting body image and self-esteem.  Which brings me to the big question?  What have you done in the past to boost your body image or self-esteem?  What do you do now?  What did your mama teach you?  What do you try to teach your kids, your students, your friends?  How do you tackle the body image roller coaster?

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One response to “What are your self-esteem boosting tips?”

  1. Jillian

    Picking the right husband has really helped me tons 😉 …here I am 30, having birthed 2 kids and when he left for work I had just lost 25 pounds, now I am 30 weeks pregnanct and really NOT feeling very pretty/cute/sexy…not even looking in the mirror when I go through the bathroom….yet I have a man that LOVES my prego body, can’t wait to get back to it…loves curves and changes and values the life growing inside, he has watched my body morph twice and writes even now in emails about missing it….makes me rethink what I am telling myself…and whose voice is right….

    I have spent much thought and prep time on how to make sure my girls know that brown is beautiful and curls are beautiful…read and read about it and talked to biracial and black adults about it….about 3 months ago it hit me-what have I done to prepare myself to educate them and prepare them for the social war on looks? We avoid certain things like Barbies that we feel present a false image of beauty…we don’t have 17 and fashion mags around, we also don’t do much of any Disney Princess-because they dont look like my kids and princesses can come in all shapes and sizes…but are we ready for “why are my thighs rounder?” “why are her arms smaller?”…..maybe not…maybe we are just “holding off” what we know is coming and maybe we should be actually dressing for battle…battle for our children’s self esteem/self-worth/value…..in the end their heart…big enough to love themselves and others just as they are…

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