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  1. Jennifer Kramer

    Beautifully written. He is an amazing, beautiful little boy. I feel blessed to have met you guys and be walking part of this journey with you, bf and your beautiful blessing.

  2. suezette

    ummm… now I have big tears in my eyes too!!!! you, BF, Lola and baby are such a beautiful family! B and I were the lucky ones to have been able to share face time with you all!!! LOVE YOU!!! and you means alllll of you!!!

  3. Brenda

    Wow!!!! Very powerful and emotional, Ro!! And i couldn’t agree w/Suez more!! All of you are in my heart!

  4. Jillian

    You guys are indeed so lucky to have this precious gift of life….so blessed! I know you will always treasure him and let him know how lucky you guys are to get to walk him on his journey, holding his hand, kissing his ouchies, wiping his tears, sharing his joys…

  5. Mika

    Awesome writing. Truly a beautiful piece.

    I get the “She’s so lucky” thing every day and it bothers me too, but there is no way I could have articulated it as well as you did in this post.

    I’d like to grab a few paragraphs and link back to you, would that be ok or are you (rightfully) possessive of your word creations?

  6. Kate Sprinkle

    Rosie, I love this post and have some similar feelings about what we are about to do in adopting our own sweet boy. I already have gotten the “he’s so lucky” comments and he’s not even here yet. And I always think that how can he be lucky to have lost his parents and have been uprooted from his home. Sometimes I cry for his loss when I think about how he’ll feel as he grows up and comprehends what has happened in his little life. I feel I can not possibly do enough to overcome that giant loss for him. But I love the idea of doing enough. I will try my hardest to do enough for him. That certainly sounds less scary than trying to erase the past. Thank you as always for sharing your journey. Think of me and Phelps tomorrow (Oct 20), on our court date. We are hoping and praying for good news so we can have our sweet boy home soon.

  7. Jenny

    Holy Smokes, Rosie. I am not crying, because I told you I wouldn’t anymore, but I do have chills up and down my body. I love you! Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL piece.

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  9. Nicki Edwards

    Thank you so much for summing this feeling up so beautifully Rosie. I have been at the receiving end of ‘She’s so lucky’ many times since our daughter came home from The Philippines. May I share your article, referencing your blog, in the blog I am writing? http://www.lookinlookout74.blogspot.com

    God Bless,
    Nicki (Australia)

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