The perfect way to wake up on a Monday morning & Milestones Contest 2

2009_09_14  Afternoon Nap6:55 am Monday, September 28th. 

“Will you turn on the news?” 

Huh, I wonder, hearing BF’s voice.  It can’t possibly be time for the news.  This is our first awakening since we went to sleep the night before (BF sweetly and fast, Me disgruntled over the Indianapolis/ Arizona football game because A. Kurt Warner is my fantasy football quarterback and B. Peyton Manning is the guy I was playing’s quarterback.  But I am getting into another post now). 

“What time is it?”  I ask. 


“Did baby not wake up?”

“Nope.  He slept through the night.” 

“Not yet,” I say.  “He has to sleep until 7 am to sleep through the night.”  Yeah, I have tough standards like that. 

So we laid in bed in silence watching the clock work it’s way to 7 am.  When it did, we both squealed.  BABY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT AFTER 8 MONTHS AND 1 DAY WITH US.  There is no happy dance suitable enough for this occassion, but there is celebrating by sending coffee strong enough to keep you awake all night to the Milestones Contest winner.  My sister said August 25th and Fighting Windmills said November 1st.  Baby slept through the night practically equidistant from these two dates so they are both winners in my book.  Ethiopian coffee will soon be in route to them. 

Now, time for Contest # 2. 

Looking out of Playhouse

It looks like Baby is thinking about walking.  By thinking, I mean he pulls up, cruises around the furniture, occassionally stands on this own for up to five to ten seconds before plopping down.  He’ll walk if we are holding both hands and can do some steps, too, if we are holding just one hand.  So, all that said, the big question is when will baby walk for at least five steps indepently of us or furniture?  That’s Milestones Contest #2. 

Post your guess by Friday, October 2nd at 11:59 PM. 

The winner will receive a gorgeous, handmade Bead for Life necklace (Thanks, Jillian, for introducing me to them. I just love mine!). 

Bead for Life

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13 responses to “The perfect way to wake up on a Monday morning & Milestones Contest 2”

  1. Meg

    He’s close, Could be any day. But I’m gonna give him some time to build that confidence. Let’s say, for fun, Nov. 7–my Robin’s 30th birthday!

  2. Brenda

    I’ll say November 1st! That’d make a great B-day present 🙂

  3. Stephanie Mitchell Schechter

    I’m going early–October 10th (my anniversary and my grandmother’s birthdate).

  4. Stephanie Mitchell Schechter

    But let me add, Rosie, get your running shoes on. If you thought crawling got you moving, this is a physical and mental workout!

  5. Jenn

    Yeah for sleep!!! I am voting for Oct 26th. No particular reason just a date.

  6. fightingwindmills

    How wonderful!!! I am so excited for you. Sleep is awesome. If he’s already walking holding your hands then it seems to me like he could be walking by himself this week. These things happen fast!

  7. Yvette


    ok ill pick halloween 😉
    i can see him now, with his lil plastic pumpkin getting candy from the neighbors… awww

  8. Jillian

    Nov 2nd for walking….
    LOVE those necklaces, glad you loved yours too!

    I will not tell Ashley you still have ET coffee or he may jump off his ship and swim back to NC to get some…he loves that stuff!

  9. Anne Cavett

    I say October 20. Gives him time to be at a full run for Halloween!

  10. Melanie Player May

    I am going to go with October 12th!! And get ready for the ride!!

  11. Maria

    I’m going to say October 15th. No particular reason, just the first date that came to mind. Have fun chasing him around the house!!

  12. Jenny

    Aww…how sweet! Sam said, “That sure is a cute baby.” 🙂 October 16 is my guess. Yay for baby!

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    […] it) and walked towards me.  Five steps.  No joke!  So, we have a walker.  And we also have a Milestones Contest winner.  Congrats to Anne for calling the walk date as October 20th.  I wonder if he’ll be walking […]

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