Who's underwear are these?

birthday static8:30 am Monday morning 

The phone rings.  I see it’s my sister.  “What up?”  I answer.

“I am just praying that somehow when we get to pre-school that Big Bird will no longer have the Diego underwear on his head.” 

Yep, that’s how we talk to each other because my sister’s daughter is a wild one, and she does things like insist that Big Bird go to school with her with her brother’s Diego underwear around Big Bird’s neck.  That’s so how my niece rolls.

“Did you try giving her other things for Big Bird to wear?” 

“Yes.  She insisted that Big Bird was wearing the underwear and only the underwear.”  My niece is at the stage where she only likes to wear her older brother’s clothes.  My sister, however, has been able to weasel her into her own clothes for preschool over the last week.  Clearly, if Gracie has to wear her own clothes, then her doppelganger, Big Bird, can take on Gabriel’s clothes and, specifically, his underwear. 

As it turns out, the underwear were still around Big Bird’s neck when they got to preschool so my sister let it go. 

“Well-played,” I said, because, really, no other 2 year old is going to think that’s weird. 

But then Gracie insisted on taking Big Bird out to recess.  And Big Bird lost his underwear.  But another little boy from the 3 year old class that was at recess with Gracie’s class found Big Bird’s underwear and held them up over his head and screamed “Who’s underwear are these?” 

Then, four little 3 year old boys dropped trou to show that they, indeed, had underwear on and the Diego briefs were not their’s. 

That’s our girl. 

We’re not sure what happened next, but we do know that Big Bird made it back home with his underwear.  Just in case you were wondering.

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5 responses to “Who's underwear are these?”

  1. Brenda

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! ROFL…….what a trip Gracie is!! Love it!! Kids are such a trip!!

  2. suezette

    Gracie so ROCKS!!!! Crack me up!!!

  3. Jenny

    So cute! She looks just like mini Molinary!! 🙂

  4. Jillian

    How true this is:
    Well-played,” I said, because, really, no other 2 year old is going to think that’s weird”

    It is all about their perspective…when the girls want to go to the grocery store in their dress up costumes they aren’t getting laughed at, they are treated much like they are in a private parade and it is all about them! All the other kids want to be them…its funny.

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    […] I just know she’s going to want to take them into preschool with her.”  As you know, Gracie has a thing for bringing her brother’s underwear to preschool.  […]

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