My computer drowned.

About a year ago, I dropped my Blackberry in the toilet.  It was a clean toilet, yes, and no, I was not emailing anyone at the time.  It feel out my pocket into the toilet and, needless to say, the Blackberry drowned. 

About a month ago, I had a massage and left the place with a cup of water.  When I got in the car, I picked up my phone to call BF to tell him I was on the way home.  Somehow, I dropped the phone.  Because this is the kind of luck I have, it landed in the cup in the center console.  I saved the phone from drowning with some very fast moves and quick drying action. 

The other day, I was reading email and drinking from a bottle of water when I  inadvertently splashed water out of my water bottle and onto the laptop I’ve had for years.  The computer works great unless you want to use B, N, M, L, O, I, U, H, and J.  Since that’s 3 of the vowels and 5 of the letters in my last name, I’m a bit out of luck.  Fortunately for me, I bought the warranty on my computer, and it’s still, wonder of wonders, good.  So, my computer left today in a little box to computer fix it land where magic will happen and my computer will come back to me as good as new but with all of my old stuff on there. I can’t help but think about whether or not the computer guys will find the draft of Hijas and read it or check out the pictures of baby. Seriously, if I had computers shipped to me everyday, I don’t know that I could resist looking.  It’s sort of like checking out someone’s medicine cabinet, right?  

Anyway, all this to say that I am officially computerless for at least a week so I’ll have one or two less posts this week and will be a little behind in responding to comments or even approving comments.  I’ll be back and live from the lil’ laptop that could just as soon as possible. 

Now, for the more important issue at hand, because I just have to know:  [polldaddy poll=1823551]

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