3 responses to “a beautiful life”

  1. Jillian

    Rosie- Your spark is so bright and so contagious, even if it is slightly hampered by sleepless nights, you still shine bright enough to light up others lives.

  2. Rosa

    Rosie, thankyou even when your light is flickering and slightly dimmed you gift us with the opportunity for the real raw moments that gives life its balance. -to see you during the days but also the nights.
    My fave Aussie poet/cartoonist Michael Leunig says it nicely:

    God rest us
    Rest that part of us which is tired.
    awaken that part of us which is asleep.
    God awaken us and awaken within us.
    Michael Leunig

  3. rosiemolinary

    Thank you, Jillian and Rosa. Rosa, I lovve the poem and it was especially appropriate as my best friend’s husband is an Aussie!

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