5 responses to “10 months old, 5 months with us”

  1. Jennifer Kramer

    CONGRATULATIONS! and yes tomorrow is significant. It is awesome that he has now been with you longer than at the care center. What a great joy. I can’t wait to read what you have to share and learn from it.

  2. Brenda

    Wow! Almost 5 months and 1 day! It seems like only yesterday you and BF went to go pick up little man. Hugs to you all!!!

  3. Meg

    The proportion piece you are playing with is important–this fraction, now 50-50, becomes almost insignificant within days, except in a poetic way. He came to you almost magically, but isn’t that the miracle of all families?

  4. Rosa

    FELICITACIONES!!!!! What a profound triumphant moment in time it is for your beautiful family. LOVE GUIDES AND RULES!!!
    Can’t wait for the perlas of wisdom, the rayos of sabiduria re a sleeping bebito…..
    Here is a poema to share with you that landed softly on my lap during my parent -in-waiting journey:
    A grafted tree. Magnificent to behold.
    One of a kind.
    Contrary to nature. Luxuriant leaves and intricate roots.
    Loaded with horticultural challenges to a gardener, but
    ultimately yielding a tree with
    unparalleled beauty.

    The adopted child. Magnificent to behold.
    One of a kind.
    Biological features often contrary to yours.
    Intricate roots that need to be healed.
    Loaded with behavioural challenges for parents but
    ultimately yielding a life with
    unparalleled beauty!

    Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew (Paperback) by Sherrie Eldridge
    Rosa xx
    Byron Bay, Australia

  5. Liz

    Rosie! Linda G. sent me a link to your blog. Your little man is maybe a month older than mine. Isn’t it a fun age? Sounds like you’re all doing well — I look forward to following you all now that I have your link.

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