4 responses to “Thank you, servicemen and servicewomen.”

  1. Brenda

    What a beautiful, touching picture of your dad and your son, honey! And thank you for the wonderful reminder of what today is truly about.

  2. Evelyn (your cousing from Florida)

    Beautiful words. Keep it Up!!!!!. Your dad and mom are so strong that not even a cancer can’t destroy them. My regards and my blessings to him and to all your family (especially your baby).

    Warm regards,

    Evelyn and family

  3. Mayra Molinary

    Rosie la foto esta hermosa, que bonito es ver a los hijos con el abuelo, y como tu dices aunque fue dos veces a Vietnam lo puedes gozar ahora junto a ti , tu hijo y tu esposo. Mucho cariño y mucho exito te deseo siempre, te quiero mucho , Mayra

  4. Kim Shaw

    Your parents are truly treasures. Your baby reminds me of your dad, ( the wide eyes, the smile )almost as if God sent him to you especially for that reason. And on days when I have two out of control and need a nap toddlers and need a laugh I think of Zita’s disciplinary ideas of kicking a part of someone’s anatomy three times.

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