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  1. Jen

    awww. You just totally freaked me out to get on the plane next week!

    I think the name Jedidiah means ” you are loved” and “blessed” we have always used those terms around our loved ones as well. We neve used the name for our kids since we are
    too many J’s I think to add another.

    Love the pics of your son. He is simply breathtaking. So are you.. the “momness” radiates.

    1. rosiemolinary

      Oh wow! i didn’t know that Jedidiah meant that although I have noticed it used more and more often– what a great meaning! And what I didn’t put in this post (because it was in an earlier post) but that you should definitely know before you get on the plane is that Abram only cried for 10 total minutes in 42 hours of travel. It was 2 separate 5 minute crying jags and they were totally bearable. He did great and the plane flight was so much easier than I anticipated as the planes are so big and hangle every bump in the air as if they don’t even exist. The mental game we did on ourselves was far worse than the reality but the baby labor metaphor just helped me put in all perspective!

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