7 responses to “What's your schedule like?”

  1. jen

    Ok, I love the tiny car. I’ve been looking for a tiny car for Wil, where did you get this one? I think Wil would love a car.

  2. rosiemolinary

    Jen, it was given to us as a gift so I’m not sure where they bought it but it is The Whisper Rider by Step One. It’s been a hit, and Wil would look very cool in one. I see Whisper Rider derbies in our future!

  3. Jillian

    oooooooooo so precious!!!! I know you guys are just totally in love with him!!!

  4. dawnberelsman

    Could that sweet boy be any cuter!?! Tsegaberhan has kissed the computer screen at each picture. Thanks for sharing a bit of your days with us, we loved it!

  5. Mika

    OMG that baby food picture is precious! His eyes! His EYES!! My God, slay me now.

    Hmm… I’m liking his schedule. Nap at 9 AM? That’s my kind of guy! Will you guys adopt me too? I’m sooo tired of this 40 hour week, I need some naps, and play time.

  6. jen

    thanks rosie! my favorite is him in his car looking like he owns the world. watch out world!

  7. Carole Turner

    I love that boy!!! I want to kiss his face off.

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