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  1. Jillian

    Beautifully written!…This has been a year of defining who I am by my own standards and then applying it to each aspect of my life. Very slowly, very painfully at times…My next mission will have to be finding a phrase/word/theme to keep me on the path…

  2. Yvette

    Faith.. in the coming months im gonna need to have faith .. not just in God but in other ppl 🙂

  3. Amarettogirl

    Rosie…I can’t tell you just how long I have bee on this blog right now…and how I have tears in my eyes.
    Shamefully I hadn’t been around here in so long and after you made my heart smile by leaving me the TED comment – I decided to come back around these parts and see whats up with you (especially because Gregg and I haven’t given up on thinking about NC).
    When we first met one of the things we both had in common was the ‘no children’ thing and all of our mixed feelings with that…anyways I have now been through pages and pages of your post – especially looking for the how and when baby A was born into his new life. I am so so so happy, impressed, proud and quite honestly a bit forlorn…Gregg and I looked into this two years ago…but just look at how your power of intention works. Congrats my lady and may your new life be filled with countless more blessings and daily peace.

  4. Laura Caputo

    Rosie ~ You are always so eloquent. This one really touched home with me. My word is “appreciative.”

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