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  1. Jillian

    I actually love the picture!

    So true on having to define “good” before you can say you are or are not 🙂 If I was “good” my high school years, I would have never sneaked around to date my now husband. If I was “good” my college years I would have never fought my way to an early graduation and been a student Interpreter the second semester…

    I think when we stand our ground and say what “good” is for us..it eventually gets accepted as our “normal”…my husband, our kids, my career, homeschooling, international adoption, etc… the people that once said we were “weird, rebels, oddballs” now claim us as having a “good” lifestyle, a happy family…. ironic!

  2. Rosie Molinary

    Jillian, that is so well-expressed. When we do stand our ground with what our good is, others become able to see the goodness ibn it and us. We just have to brave enough to go there first to say it first!

  3. Rosie Molinary

    I hit submit too fast, Jillian. I love that you always saw the goodness in your life and didn’t let anyone distract you from both the truth and your truth.

  4. Brenda

    ROFL….I was wondering what the pic had to do with what you posted! Do like the picture though 🙂

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