9 responses to “It's not about the cupcake.”

  1. fightingwindmills

    Mmmmmmm . . .

    Those photos are beautiful, and the story is so funny! Thanks for “sharing” with us.

  2. Yvette

    I have to say Im the same way about my Tias cakes.. Im always the 1st to start singing happy birthday when I know its one of her cakes..lol

    btw.. yea still crushing on BF..lol even after he stole ur cupcake!! yes he stole it !!

  3. Brenda

    Your BF is just precious!! Even if he stole your cupcake! LOL He more than made up for it though. How long did those 5 cupcakes last, by the way?

  4. rosiemolinary

    I am glad that you see it like I did- BF stole my cupcake! Other than that, he is fairly crushable. I believe that the cupcakes lasted for that week- one a day (which took all the strength I had). BF’s aunt pulled up in our driveway last night with a Valentine six pack. She’s my dealer. I haven’t even cracked it open yet since I had one of Carly’s Red Velvets but you can rest assured that those cupcakes probably won’t see Monday. But I promise to share. Seriously.

  5. Susana

    what a cute story! And yah.. he STOLE the cupcake! (but he done good in making up for it!)

  6. Amarettogirl

    Rosie, Since I have started blogging on Feb. 1st and entered this magical community of people – I have rediscovered you and your amazing agility with threading words together and forming a beautiful story. I have shipped off your box:-) Placed you as one of my fave bloggers on my website and added links to the Hijas book and embedded the trailer. On a weird sidenote; I just embroidered a giant pink-iced, cherry topped, cupcake on a new dress I bought! Long live the cupcake!

  7. fightingwindmills

    Hey that’s weird! I followed the link to Carly’s webpage and saw a picture of Mike Orlando. I sort of knew him in college. Well, anyway, that was neat to see how they are married now and are your neighbors.

    And I love the idea of a cupcake embroidered on a dress. Your blog is so beautiful, AmarettoGirl!

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