6 responses to “White Privilege, Baby Privilege”

  1. Mika

    OMG that is too funny!
    And Peggy McIntosh rocks. I pull out her essay every time I do a diversity group.

  2. Veronica

    Baby privilege rocks! I love how you wrote this up.

  3. Yvette

    Awww New Parents.. Its a whole new way of thinking.. thats gonna take time (from what I hear)..lmao

  4. Jillian

    Have you read “Why do All the black kids sit together in the cafeteria?” ? It speaks about this too…very insightful. My husband was the “token” black student in almost all of his high school classes(we went to high school together) and he and I read the book to each other going cross country, it was the beginning of several great discussions….I am going to look up the “invisible backpack” peice you are talking about too.

  5. shmode

    Baby Priveledge allowed me to walk across a busy street in San José, shortly followed by my dad who almost got run over by the guy who had stopped for me. Babies stop traffic!
    Great read!

  6. Henry

    A privileged position; the possession of an advantage white persons enjoy over non-white persons. Except in India where brown people have brown privilege over the Untouchables.

    A special advantage or benefit of white persons; with reference to divine dispensations, natural advantages, gifts of fortune, genetic endowments, social relations, etc. Except for Arab Muslims in such countries as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Yemen.

    display of white privilege, a social expression of a white person or persons. Unless you live in China or Burma.

    There is no such thing as white privilege nor is there anything wrong with {privilege} per se. Privileges are neither moral or immoral since every ethnic group on this planet maintains its own set of cultural/social /racial and religious privileges.

    McIntosh’s privilege list can be applied to any society and doesn’t even deal with true privilege. The privilege list reminds me of a list of sins which white people must confess to-with the guilt already pre-determined.

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