8 responses to “When Baby Met Puppy”

  1. Brenda

    And the beginning of a long and loving relationship has begun! Baby A is just so precious! And i’ve fallen in love w/his dimple 🙂

  2. Yvette

    Aww.. yay!! they love eachother already.. even Mr Phant is getting a lot of love 😉

    Great pix Ro-Ro!!

  3. Mika

    Aww, Lola is a gentle girl, eh? Good girl Lola! Baby A is smitten, I can tell….

  4. Shannon

    Love these pictures of Abe meeting Lola!!! Best friends already!

  5. Christine

    Rosie- that smile of his is going to get you into big trouble one day… one word- PERFECT.

  6. Ashley

    These are too cute! Babies and dogs are a lethal cute-combo. 🙂

  7. rosiemolinary

    Thanks so much, everyone. Babies and dogs are a lethal cute combination. These two are fast buds. When baby cries and we’re trying to soothe him, Lola looks so put out with us like, “that’s all you got?” But her big licks stop the tears. She’s got the magic touch!

  8. Jenny

    Ah! I love these pics. Lola & Abram are impossibly cute together. Thanks for all the great information on your – this is great! 🙂

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