An update on my writing and creative life

Wednesday’s theme is The Writing and Creative Life.  For today, I thought I’d give a quick update on what’s going on in my writing/ creative world. 

Freelance/ Magazine Writing 

1.  Just this week, I am wrapping up a flurry of articles that I was hoping to get done before baby arrived.  The topics range on everything from taking a personal retreat to sustainability, tips for an affordable wedding to recycled/reclaimed goods for the home.  I hope to write more essays this year (and to find homes for them!), and there are a few articles that I would really like to be able to write and find homes for this year.  


1.  I continue to receive wonderful notes from readers of Hijas which is just so touching.  Thank you. 

2.  I have two non-fiction book proposals complete on two entirely different subjects, and I am hopeful that I’ll find a home for either or both of them soon.  One deals with body image and the other with activism. 

3. I  have 73 pages done on a fiction project that has been fun to write do far and may continue to be just that– for my own personal fun.  I’d like to get into it more this year and see where it goes.  I’ll keep you posted. 

Speeches/ Workshops    

1.  I am so happy to be visiting a few different campuses in March for Women’s History Month– what an honor to be able to celebrate women, our history, our present, our future, our possibilities on various college campuses.  I have a condensed travel schedule that month because I want to take February and the beginning of March off from big travel, but I am really looking forward to the events that I am able to do.  I might be somewhere near you so I’ll share details on locations closer to it. 

2.  I am back to doing local one-time workshops– something I put on hold to travel for Hijas– and enjoying them tremendously. 

3.  I am planning to do just a handful of events through the spring and summer.  If you need a speaker or workshop leader for April, May, June, July and/or August,  be in touch (see the contact page).  We’ll see if we can work something out!            

Other Arts

1.  I am looking at some grant opportunities that might allow me to do some mixed medium productions that fuse writing, the arts, activism, and education.  The grant that I am looking at right now is due in March so it’ll just depend on how life unfolds in the coming weeks.

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