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  1. Ashley

    I wonder how I would score? Since graduating from college I’ve tried to err on the side of “classic,” because it’s so hard to find things that fit my tiny frame.

    Classics for me –
    A well-fitted leather jacket, black pumps, ballet flats, great sunglasses, little black dress, dark well-fitted jeans, a good pair of wear-with-everything boots.

    I’ve never owned a pair of Converse. I don’t even know if I’ve ever tried a pair on. My fear is that I’ll look too much like a teenager again if I tried to wear them out. 🙂

  2. rosiemolinary

    Ashley, it sounds like you’ve made some really smart wise personal style decisions– and I do think you have to be careful when your frame is small.

    I have to know more about your great sunglasses and your wear with everything boots. What have you found that you love?

  3. Ashley

    Ah – Fossil has great sunglasses. Not ridiculously expensive, but nice. A good pair of tortie frames or aviators, or even solid black would work.

    And the boots I ordered online at onlineshoes.com – http://www.onlineshoes.com/productpage.asp?gen=w&pcid=115602. Ridiculously comfortable and stylish with jeans or casual dresses. I bought the brown pair and really want to get the black, too. Must. exercise. restraint. 🙂

  4. Christine

    I have a leather motorcycle jacket, aviators (Ray Ban only, the silver frames with the dark lense is classic) and Wayfarers (again, Ray Ban only). They are my go to accessories. I love to pair the leather jacket with a really girly sundress and fun gladiator sandals. Other classics for me are a basic black pump to dress up anything. And leggings… American Apparel makes the best kind and they look great under dresses with boots. You’ll appreciate the comfort level.

    About the silk scarf- I wear one with a funky print draped around my neck, not tied or anything, with a pair of dark skinny jeans and a white tee (which I can’t believe you don’t have Miss Yoga) and sandals. It’s not old lady if you funk it up and don’t wear it tied around your neck like a Pink Lady swooning after John Travolta.

    A suggestion- ankle boots. Or booties, if you will. They look great with a skirt and blazer. Total fabulosity.

    And I’m so happy that you watched Project Runway. It is addicting!!!!!

    And the CONVERSES- I have a teal pair (which I got for 15 bucks at TJ Maxx) that I pair with skinny jeans that make me desperately wish that I grew up in the 80’s. I want a pair in every color. Especially coral.

  5. rosiemolinary

    Oh, I have a white tee. It’s just disgusting and lost it’s shape and looks great under a hoodie but wouldn’t under a blazer. I need a nice white tee.

    Teal converse? Those might be my mothership! Yeah, I loved my Converse back in the 80s and 90s. I am so getting another pair.

    I am rocking a pashmina scarf today around my neck. It’s 0mbre dyed from red to pink and I feel very smart with it, my tank and cardigan, and my hair up in a bun. Hooray for making an effort!

    So do you think that just anyone can rock Wayfarers or Aviators? I am wholly convinced that I would look a-fool in either.

    I am downloading past seasons of Project Runway on my IPod. Can’t wait to see more!

  6. Christine

    You could absolutely pull off aviators!!!! They are a classic and look good with almost every face shape. They come in different colors and sizes too- I went with the large ones. Wayfarers are a bit funkier but just as practical. Black wayfarers are a winner. For you, I think Aviators are more your style. You would NOT look like a fool. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, you might be surprised.

    American Apparel t-shirts, although expensive for plain cotton ($15-20), are fantastic. They never lose shape, last forever, and are made and produced in the USA. You walk in one of those store, get a little dizzy from the techno, and it’s like, “Holy Cotton, Batman!”. But I swear, you’ll never want to wear another t-shirt. They’re ‘nice’ t-shirts and come in every color imaginable! That is my go to place in the summer.

    And your ombre scarf sounds quite fabulous. Ombre is like the chic version of tie-dye. Ombre…I’ll love you forever.

  7. Suezette

    Wellll, I have a silk scarf from Italy that I’ve tried to sport but I just feel too “classic” for my style! Can’t live without my black spiky boots. Love my leather coat. No white t-shirts, do black count? I live in my hoop earrings! I bought a pair of white gold, just bigger than a quarter, and for xmas I picked up a pair of small hoops to sport in my top holes. Love love love them. I can’t live without my Michael Kors sunglasses that were a xmas gift (of course I picked em out) and my MAC lipstick. Oh and hun – you can rock what ever you choose!!!

  8. rosiemolinary

    Ashley, those boots are way cute– brown was a great color to go with (if you HAVE to exercise restraint). Christine, American Apparel is a great idea for a white t-shirt. It’s on my list! Suez, what color is your MAC shade of choice?

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