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Random Bits

The garland.  It got hung.  On December 24th by BF.  Twitter.  I’m on there.  Are you?  If so, let me know so I can look you up.  I don’t completely get it but I am slowly coming to the 21st century.  The book.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I sat […]


wishing you…


Random bits

Random bits

The garland is still on the table on the porch– not around the door. 100 pages are completely ready to be sent into my editor.  300 to go.  I ate 2 cupcakes today because I deserved them (or so I say).  That’s one cupcake for every 50 pages. At this rate, I will have 8 cupcakes […]

Snapshots from the Edge 7

Snapshots from the Edge 7

So, as soon as the Christmas tree post went up, my friend Laura sent me this funny photograph of what they are doing to keep their toddler out of the tree.  This one totally had me laughing– Laura is clearly a much more creative problem solver than I am!

more questions than answers

So, I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions of late.  They go like this… Why did I think it was a good idea to write a 4oo page book?  And, if I had good reasons for that, why did I wait to reread a single page until after all 400 pages were written (and realizing I […]

Notice anything?

Snapshots from the Edge 6

Here is what a Happy Candelas-proofed Christmas Tree looks like… Notice anything? Wait for it…


Snapshots from the Edge 5

So, this week is crunch time.  I have grading to get done by Friday, an article to write on umbilical cord blood, and hundreds of pages to edit as well as front matter and back matter (acknowledgments, table of contents, dedication, notes section, user’s guide) to write so some of this week’s posts will be snapshots of […]

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

So, when I was a girl, we spoke Spanish at home  My parents often allowed us to come up with the word we were looking for so that we could go on with the conversation rather than interrupting the flow and saying, “How do I say this in Spanish” and getting lost in a tangent […]

hate the message that advertising sends? Now is your chance to use your voice.

I’ve posted on here in the past about a documentary called America the Beautiful.  Filmmaker Darryl Roberts is heading up a campaign to boycott Ralph Lauren because of the severe photoshopping done for the company’s ads.  Here is the backstory from the America the Beautiful web-site:  In late September, an ad by fashion giant Ralph Lauren […]