3 responses to “What is the most generous thing you can do?”

  1. carrie turrubiartes

    hello. im married into the name Turrubiartes and have been searching fo the history of the name for ten yeaers with NO luck. but i came across this story and found it wonderfull! i just wanted to let you know i took it some how personal when i read about the turrubiartes children.I think its beautiful that there are such loving people in the world

  2. Irma Turrubiartes

    Wow, the things that we come across! I rememeber reading this article in a magazine about 6 yrs ago. The Doss family are a house full of angels, thank the man above for them. I never knew where this Turrubiartes family was from originaly(parents) it would be nice to know, my family is so BIG that I don’t know everyone, who knows they may be closer in relation than I know.But thank to the Doss family these children will have better oppurtunities.

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