7 responses to “How can I begin to love myself again?”

  1. fightingwindmills

    Good advice, Rosie!

  2. Shoegirl

    I was so excited to see your essay on skirt! magazine! That was awesome!

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  5. Nursie


    I typed into the google search..how can I love myself again and this came up 🙂 Its all I need to brighten my day, I’m buying a pretty little book to make as my journal, kill two birds with one stone,

    I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself, people don’t believe I hate myself so much because my life appears to be so amicable! But I wake up in the morning not feeling a point for my existence and go to bed crying… everything in between is a show!

    I’m gonna fix it today
    Thank you

  6. Nursie

    Thank you kindly for the reply.. I did all the things you said in your advice and I feel so much better. I will definately invest in that book beautiful you and the other one you mentioned, i had heard of it before, the artists way. Thanks for your advice and I will definately consider counselling… I feel like a different person today 🙂

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