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  1. healthmanagement10

    I have operated a stress management clinic for over 20 years and have many self help cds at but recently I have learned that one thing to remember is that stress can severely deplete the body’s glutathione levels. And of course there’s all kinds of stress such as pollution, habits such as smoking, drinking and so on, plus toxins in our food in addition to mental stressors. The body makes it’s own glutathione but after age 20 it diminishes by a minimum of 10% each decade. Glutathione is responsible for protecting DNA, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation to name just a few things. Until three years ago there was nothing that could be done about it, today we now have a glutathione accelerator available.

    I always said that the first defense against stress was deep breathing, and it still is, but concurrently another most important defense against stress, pollution, toxins, free radicals and so on is having sufficient glutathione. For more information please go to

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