Some unimportant things

There is a large fly that has been buzzing around our house for a couple days now.  I left the door open for a while in hopes that it would find its way out.  Now, I’m thinking I’ll just discover more of his type buzzing around here tomorrow. 

A little bit of Kosher salt goes a long way. A lot of Kosher salt can ruin dinner.  When that happens, have a bowl of chocolate ice cream to cleanse your palate and satiate your appetite. 

My computer screen died this week.  It was just so nice to walk away from it until the new LCD screen arrived yesterday.  I even took apart the innerworkings of my computer while Theodore from Dell coached me through it.  I said to him, “You must think I am a different sort of customer, Theodore, like the kind who doesn’t destroy the stuff she touches, and I just want you to know that I am NOT that customer.”  But then I took it apart and put it back together without destroying it (or destroying it any more than it already was with the busted computer screen and all).  Theodore said, “Wow.” 

I got some vaccines on Monday and my arm has the nastiest red knot on it that’s all hot and gross.  True confession:  I kinda want to cut it open and see what’s inside.  This from the girl who didn’t even want to dissect a frog in high school.  I still remember what I named the frog.  Alf.  Remember that tv show?  I promise not to cut it open (the knot.  The frog is already long gone.  My bio teacher already wasn’t a big fan of me as it was; she would have really had a field day with me if I had refused to cut open the frog).   

My day was completely derailed on Wednesday by the Gusiness Book of World Records stunt shown live on the Today Show.  I got sucked in by watching this man walk and bike a tight rope without a harness or a net and then was a bundle of nerves for the rest of the day.  And, as a bundle of nerves, I got nothing done.  Well, that’s not true, the Dell guy did come switch out my LCD screen.  But that’s not something I did.  Heck, I wasn’t even here when he did it.   

I’ve been nursing a herniated disc and a disc tear since August, and I want my back back (actually the pain is primarily in my hip which is so weird but what do I know about biology, as I referenced above.  Actually, nope, I can’t say that now.  I am an official card carrying member of the Association for Healthcare Journalists.  I do know something about biology.)!  I never thought I’d say that I miss running, but I do.  The funny thing is I’ve quit moving in hopes that it stops the pain, but it hasn’t so it seems like I could start moving again, but getting back into the habit is just so hard.  But I need it, my work needs it, and so I’ve got to add it back to my days (although I won’t start with running).   

Just spotted a little tiny fly.  Darn it.

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  1. Yvette

    OK usefull info I DO have in my

    Keep a clear bottle filled with water around ur doors/windows.. it keeps the flies away 🙂

  2. Brenda

    No way! Seriously?????? LOL

  3. Rosie Molinary

    Seriously? Who knew?

  4. Yvette

    Ladies Im being FOR THR REALS!! Mmmmk!!

    HELLO!! Useless crap in the head!! but this one IS usefull!! 😉

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